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Focus shows you that attention is the thing that makes life worth living. It helps you develop your focus in every area of life: work, relationships, and your own attitude towards life on Earth.




by Daniel Goleman


Since the meteoric rise of the smartphone, we've enjoyed many great benefits. However, we suffer one phenomenal loss as a result – our attention span goes out the window.

If your life feels like a series of quick hits and dopamine fixes, it's time to turn the smartphone off for a while. Relying on these devices more than on our own brains has left us with a seriously depleted attention span. Now that's something to worry about.

International bestselling author Daniel Goleman aims to help you claw some of it back with his book, Focus. Your focus is your 'hidden driver of excellence.' We'll explore why in the following insights, along with Goleman's tips on mindfulness, willpower, leadership, empathy, and success.

Favorite quote

Directing attention toward where it needs to go is a primal task of leadership.

- Daniel Goleman

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