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Flight from Death

Patrick Shen

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The feature-length documentary Flight From Death investigates the effects of death anxiety on human psyches, behaviors, and cultures.


Flight from Death

Flight from Death

by Patrick Shen


Do you believe in life after death? Many of us live in denial of the inevitable. Chances are, your relationship with death impacts your life and decision-making more than you know.

From director Patrick Shen, the award-winning documentary Flight from Death is an exploration into human psychology and philosophy surrounding death with top academics and public intellectuals. Narrated by actor Gabriel Byrne, the film explores how we cope with death and how we react to reminders of our inevitable demise. Flight from Death includes contributions from psychiatry intellectuals, including Ron Leifer, Robert Jay Lifton, Sheldon Solomon, and Irvin D. Yalom.

Throughout the film, Shen interviews experts on the common human experience of death, how people cope with their own mortality, and the risks of remaining in denial about death.

Favorite quote

Life exists in individual moments and it is up to us to make sure that those moments are vital, interconnected, and vast – that our process of living, of contributing to the collective experience of life is embracing, nurturing, and meaningful.

- Patrick Shen

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