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Five Rules For Rebellion

Sophie Walker

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Five Rules for Rebellion is a guide to accessing your inner strength in order to fight for your cause, featuring extraordinary stories of seasoned activists.


Five Rules For Rebellion

Five Rules For Rebellion

by Sophie Walker


What does it take to change the world? Is it enough to simply want to, or do you have to be born with certain qualities? As an activist with years of experience and founder of the Women's Equality Party in the U.K., Sophie Walker maintains that you don't have to be special to make a change.

Through the stories of other activists, Five Rules for Rebellion shows you that activism is more than just an activity; it's a philosophy and experience that can guide your life choices and turn you into a fighter. Whether you're an aspiring activist or simply hoping to find inspiration, this book will empower you and help you transform your doubt into action.

Favorite quote

Whatever you do – don't decide not to care. Not caring is no way to live. ... Not caring leaves politics to people whose primary consideration is the desire to protect their own interests. Not caring leaves decision-making to people who lack compassion and imagination.

- Sophie Walker

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