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Financial Intelligence

Karen Berman, Joe Knight

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Cultivating financial intelligence creates advantages for companies and individuals alike, from improved financial performance to better job prospects. Demystifying the concepts reveals how attainable yet worthwhile they can be.


Financial Intelligence

Financial Intelligence

by Karen Berman


While some think of 'financial intelligence' as an innate knack for numbers, it is really a set of skills anyone can learn and benefit from. Karen Berman and Joe Knight have come to the conclusion that financial literacy throughout a business is beneficial for all involved, but have done so from two unique angles.

Berman, founder and co-owner of the Business Literacy Institute, brings her academic background on financial intelligence to this book, while Knight lends his practical experience at Ford Motor Company and other major companies and start-ups. Together, Berman and Knight guide us through what is meant by financial intelligence, how it benefits individuals and companies alike, and how we can attain it.

By breaking the concepts down into practical, manageable steps, Financial Intelligence seeks to enable everyone to feel secure in their understanding of finance, and reap the rewards this brings.

Favorite quote

If we don't know where we're going we'll probably wind up somewhere else. If you don't know how to contribute to profitability, you're unlikely to do so effectively.

- Karen Berman and Joe Knight

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