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Financial Basics Everyone Should Know

Michael McDonald

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Financial Basics Everyone Should Know gives practical knowledge on topics from savings and investments to insurance and retirement, helping you to plan for a strong financial future.


Financial Basics Everyone Should Know

Financial Basics Everyone Should Know

by Michael McDonald


Understanding how banks work, how to save, and how to retire, are all crucial to understanding the basics of personal finance. By revealing the mysteries of the financial industry, we can become better informed and more confident when managing our own accounts.

Unlike accounting, which tends to look backward, finance looks to future life decisions and major purchases. Finance determines our everyday choices, including how and where we bank, when we buy a house, apply for a loan, or attain insurance, so it's important to gain financial awareness. Run by Michael McDonald, a professor of finance at Fairfield University, Financial Basics Everyone Should Know covers all of the most important lessons in finance. Whether you're a total beginner or just want to take the next step with your money, this is the place for you.

Favorite quote

The purpose of finance is to help you understand what is likely to happen to your money invested in a variety of ways and prepare for different outcomes.

- Michael McDonald

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