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Finance Foundations: Income Taxes

Kay Stice, Jim Stice

5 mins

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Accounting professors from Brigham Young University teach the essentials of tax planning in the U.S. income tax system so that anyone can confidently file their taxes.


Finance Foundations: Income Taxes

Finance Foundations: Income Taxes

by Kay Stice


Filing income taxes can be stressful and confusing for individuals and businesses. By becoming familiar with basic tax terms and planning strategies, you will be better prepared to confidently file your taxes.

Jim and Kay Stice are accounting professors at Brigham Young University who are dedicated to demystifying taxes and debunking tax myths.

In Finance Foundations: Income Taxes from LinkedIn Learning, Jim and Kay Stice explain the basics of the U.S. income tax system, filing a tax return, and tax planning. The professors also outline what individuals and businesses need to know to take advantage of credits and deductions.

Favorite quote

We don't need to become tax experts, but we need to become familiar with income tax issues and become confident as we face income tax issues in our business and personal lives.

- Kay Stice

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