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Finance for Everyone

The University of Michigan, Gautam Kaul

5 mins

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This course from the University of Michigan introduces you to the basics of finance and the key principles of financial decision making.


Finance for Everyone

Finance for Everyone

by The University of Michigan


At first glance, finance may seem complicated and esoteric. But at its core, finance is about one thing — making decisions about the future, in the present.

As the chair of the University of Michigan's finance department, Professor Gautam Kaul brings over 40 years of experience to his teaching. In this course offered through edX, Kaul guides us step by step in understanding the basic financial calculations made by both individuals and businesses. Along the way, the course touches on everything from the time value of money to the cultural factors that impact our financial decisions.

Favorite quote

I tease that all numbers are wrong in life, which is true because you're making evaluations of impact in the future and the future hasn't happened, and yet you want to make decisions today, so life is uncertain, and all your calculations are guides, not final answers.

- Gautam Kaul

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