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Finance Essentials

Robert Kosowski, Imperial College London

5 mins

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Upgrade your knowledge of basic financial concepts to prepare for a Masters of Business Administration degree or simply be better able to make good financial decisions.


Finance Essentials

Finance Essentials

by Robert Kosowski


Love it or hate it, a working knowledge of finance is useful. Understanding the basics brings career and investment opportunities. If you're embarking on a Masters of Business Administration degree, or MBA, brushing up on finance before you start will help you get the most from your studies.

Robert Kosowski is Associate Professor of Finance at Imperial College Business School, and previously worked at Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank. In this edX course offered by Imperial College Business School, Kosowski aims to help prospective MBA students bring their financial knowledge up to scratch.

Finance Essentials covers major topics in corporate and personal finance such as risk-return and present value, as well as financial tools like the Beta metric.

Favorite quote

When you think about it, you quickly realize that we use financial tools to make financial decisions all the time in our lives.

- Robert Kosowski

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