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Fiber Fueled

Will Bulsiewicz MD

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Gastroenterologist Dr. Will Bulsiewicz connects the dots between diet and gut health in this carefully researched and deeply entertaining book about fiber.


Fiber Fueled

Fiber Fueled

by Will Bulsiewicz MD


In the world of trendy diet plans and carefully curated nutrition, fiber usually ends up as a very low priority. The 'Standard American Diet' emphasizes protein and fat over vitamins, minerals, and most of all, dietary fiber, which is only found in plants.

Yet studies have found that far from being superfluous to daily food intake, fiber is one of the most important nutrients we can eat. The overwhelming majority of us don't get nearly enough fiber, and this can have a serious impact on our health, usually starting in the gut.

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz is a board-certified, award-winning gastroenterologist and fiber fanatic. In this book, the author explores the science behind fiber, helping you discover how fiber can boost your beneficial gut bacteria and unleash a world of healing potential.

Favorite quote

I'm here to tell you that fiber is the first, and potentially the most powerful, solution to restoring health to your gut microbiota, and from there your overall health.

- Will Bulsiewicz, MD

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