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George Monbiot

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Feral will help you find ways to improve the well-being of humanity by illustrating the deep connection between us and Nature, and offering actionable advice on how to preserve balance in our ecosystems through rewilding.




by George Monbiot


The world becomes increasingly conscious of the environmental crisis it's facing. Many people now use the term 'rewilding' as some sort of strategy to prevent certain species from extinction or increase biodiversity.

In Feral: Rewilding the Land, the Sea, and Human Life, zoologist and nature journalist George Monbiot explains that the reasons for rewilding extend much further than what we think. Restoring nature to its original form isn't something we do just for the sake of other species. It's something that we as humans also need for our own well-being.

By recounting experiences in Brazil and Kenya, Monbiot reinforces a much-needed, fresh perspective on the innate connection humans have with Nature, helping us to frame rewilding as crucial, rather than a 'nice-to-have' project.

Favorite quote

Rewilding is not about abandoning civilization but about enhancing it. It is to 'not love man the less, but Nature more.'

- George Monbiot

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