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Feet in the Clouds

Richard Askwith

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Richard Askwith's book is a heartfelt love letter to the lesser-known sport of fell running, exploring the basics of the sport and providing a firsthand account of the racing experience.


Feet in the Clouds

Feet in the Clouds

by Richard Askwith


Running a marathon is hard enough, but have you tried doing it on a wooded mountain with no marked trails? Little known outside of the U.K., fell running is a sport that requires athletes to contest with landscape, harsh weather, and most of all, gravity.

Richard Askwith is an author and journalist whose work covers sports, history, and countryside living. In this award-winning book, Askwith explores the often-overlooked world of fell running firsthand, from its history and rules to its community. Part anthropology, part memoir, Feet in the Clouds reveals a world of people braving some of the country's most dynamic landscapes to challenge their body and their will to the fullest.

Favorite quote

Essentially then – despite the paradox that you seem to increase your risk of injury both by running more cautiously and by running less cautiously – the choice facing every fell runner is a simple one: which do I value more – safety or speed?

- Richard Askwith

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