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Fear Less

Dr Pippa Grange

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In Fear Less, applied psychologist Dr. Pippa Grange offers insights on overcoming the fear of not being good enough, in all its manifestations.


Fear Less

Fear Less

by Dr Pippa Grange


Whether we realize it or not, fear is present and powerful in our lives. It influences our behavior, keeping us small and leading us to make decisions and form relationships that limit our potential. Though our fears may feel profoundly personal, they are projected onto us and perpetuated by our cultures.

Dr. Pippa Grange is a Doctor of Applied Psychology in Sports and the brain behind some of the world’s most successful sports teams. Grange is credited with helping the English national football team overcome their ‘phobia’ of penalties and has spent her career helping athletes face their fears and truly enjoy every win.

In this book, Dr. Grange examines how we can identify and confront the fears that keep us stuck, examine generational fears, and shed unhelpful judgments on our self-worth. Fear Less is a roadmap to liberating yourself from your fears and fulfilling your potential.

Favorite quote

No matter how much you try to ignore it, at best it will only shrink and rob you of satisfaction and fulfillment, but at worst it will make your life not your own. That’s because fear is greedy for your attention, energy and resources.

- Pippa Grange

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