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Fast Food Nation

Eric Schlosser

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Fast Food Nation describes how the fast food industry has reduced the overall food quality worldwide, created poor working conditions for millions of people and ruined public health.


Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation

by Eric Schlosser


The most serious thing about Fast Food Nation is that it was written 15 years ago and not much has changed. Many books have taken on the topic of fast food, and while they all emphasize different aspects, they share one unanimous message: fast food is bad for everybody, regardless of whether you eat it or not.

Even if you don't eat fast food, you'll still be negatively affected by some of the consequences. Crime rates may have risen where you live because a big supplier moved there recently, and now employs illegal migrant workers who are poor and desperate. And if you think that's bad, wait till you read the other lessons from Eric Schlosser's book. Chances are, you'll take a break from eating at McDonald's for a while.

Favorite quote

The twenty-first century will no doubt be marked by a struggle to curtail excessive corporate power.

- Eric Schlosser

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