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Faith is an in-depth exploration of the many meanings of faith and the various ways it affects human life, backed by the personal account of former US President Jimmy Carter.




by Jimmy Carter


The thirty-ninth president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, published Faith: A Journey for All at age 94. His experiences as a devout Baptist, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and the head of a world superpower all shine through the very personal narrative of this book.

This is not a one-dimensional take on faith. Carter tells real-life stories and gives examples to show that faith is not simply a religious concept. Taking many forms, it influences most aspects of human existence. In fact, sometimes we direct our life with faith so instinctively, that we don't even realize it.

In his book, Carter doesn't remain only within the theoretical realm. Rather than just playing around with concepts and philosophies, he shares a great deal of his experience to illustrate how faith can help individuals and societies on a practical level. He highlights the links between what we believe in and the state of our democracies, human rights' execution, and personal relationships.

Favorite quote

We need some foundation on which we can build a predictable and dependable foundation.

- Jimmy Carter

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