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Everyday Minimalism

Erin Boyle

5 mins

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Everyday Minimalism: Find Calm & Creativity in Living Simply shows how to incorporate basic minimalism to help you take control of your personal space, and experience calm and creativity by keeping things simple.


Everyday Minimalism

Everyday Minimalism

by Erin Boyle


Minimalism is an excellent way to find calm and creativity in everyday life. Many of us may think that being minimalist means we have to take a black garbage bag and throw everything out and start afresh, but this isn't the case.

Erin Boyle is an expert in simplicity and sustainability, and she introduces minimalism so that anyone can practice it. For Boyle, minimalism isn't about perfection - it's about optimizing and simplifying things in our lives. By having peace and calm within our intimate home space, we can positively impact the environment and the world around us.

This course, Everyday Minimalism, is here to dispel misconceptions, and introduce minimalism's goal and the power that it can have in every area of your life. It includes techniques to help you find value in your belongings, establish parameters of what you should own, and navigate challenges that may affect your overall control.

Favorite quote

I always suggest thinking outside the box rather than going to a store to try to buy a solution.

- Erin Boyle

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