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Everybody Lies

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, Steven Pinker

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Everybody Lies details what big data is, how it came to be, and how we can use it to understand ourselves better.


Everybody Lies

Everybody Lies

by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz


How do you feel about Google knowing your personal information? Some people are convinced that it's a big problem; they won't use Google search or even consider having a Gmail account.

While everybody has a right to choose what they will and won't use, collecting information on the internet has its upsides. It helps sites know how to better market to our needs. We can also learn a lot about human nature from looking at the data and use it to improve society.

Big data, as this collected online information is called, is an important part of our digital world. Finding ways to make positive uses of it is possible. In Seth Stephens-Davidowitz's Everybody Lies: What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are find out how to step into the positive side of the internet.

Favorite quote

Never compare your Google searches to everyone else's social media posts.

- Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

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