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Europe's Border Crisis

Nick Vaughan-Williams

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Professor Vaughan Williams provides us with a new model for evaluating European countries' response to the border crisis, based on NGO research and migrants' personal experiences.


Europe's Border Crisis

Europe's Border Crisis

by Nick Vaughan-Williams


The European Union claims that its border security has migrant safety and wellbeing as its number one priority. Yet for many migrants, EU borders are dangerous and unforgiving places marked by violence and incarceration.

Nick Vaughan-Williams, Professor of International Security at the University of Warwick, seeks to address the shocking treatment of Europe's 'irregular' migrants. In this book, Vaughan-Williams discusses a framework for critiquing the shortcomings of European border control as well as biopolitical theory in the EU more broadly. Europe's Border Crisis may provide a future framework for improving border control agendas in the EU and beyond.

Favorite quote

When bordering practices develop excessively defensive immunitary mechanisms they acquire the characteristics of an autoimmune disorder, which ultimately comes to threaten the very lives, communities, and values such practices are designed to optimize.

- Nick Vaughan-Williams

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