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Entrepreneurship & Presenting Your Best Self Online

T.A. McCann, Jenni Hogan, Thig Gishuru, Chase Jarvis

5 mins

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Learn how to market yourself and your business online with this course, in which successful entrepreneurs share practical strategies for building a reputable online identity for your brand.


Entrepreneurship & Presenting Your Best Self Online

Entrepreneurship & Presenting Your Best Self Online

by T.A. McCann


In today's digital world, wherein everyone is on social media, it's crucial to establish an online identity with a good reputation. In this specially-curated course, CreativeLive CEO Chase Jarvis brings together an esteemed panel composed of three leading entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries.

Professional sailor turned serial entrepreneur T.A. McCann, Emmy award-winning journalist Jenni Hogan, and hip-hop artist Thig Gishuru weigh in on their experiences in building their brand online. Jarvis interviews the panel on the pros and cons of social media and how to utilize online platforms to jumpstart your business.

Favorite quote

Don't compare yourselves to others, because what you're comparing yourself to is your friends' highlight reels. And anytime you're comparing your real life to a highlight reel, it's gonna feel terrible.

- T.A. McCann

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