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English Punctuation Made Easy

Len Smith, Sean Kaye

5 mins

3 key insights

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English Punctuation Made Easy provides a detailed breakdown of using punctuation marks the right way, making it easy for the audience to understand your text.


English Punctuation Made Easy

English Punctuation Made Easy

by Len Smith


Many people consider themselves 'bad writers'. Some people have even given up on writing comprehensible text. But more often than not, it's that poor punctuation skills make it hard to convey your thoughts the way you want.

Fortunately, copywriting expert Len Smith and online marketing expert Sean Kaye both know a lot about punctuation marks, using them every day to get the desired impact on a target audience. This course contains a detailed breakdown of everything you need to know about correct punctuation, with easy-to-learn rules to help you improve the way you punctuate your sentences. By the end, you'll be able to deliver text more persuasively, and convey information in an easy-to-understand manner.

Favorite quote

Eventually, everything hung on how a sentence should be interpreted, and it all came down to a single comma. Without the comma, he would be a free man. The comma won, and Sir Roger Casement met his father at the end of the hangman's rope.

- Len Smith and Sean Kaye

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