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Eat, Move, Sleep

Tom Rath

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Eat, Move, Sleep shows you that living a long and healthy life isn't about big, bold changes, but the result of multiple small habits that add up and increase your overall wellbeing.


Eat, Move, Sleep

Eat, Move, Sleep

by Tom Rath


Tom Rath is a bestselling author and consultant who specializes in employee wellbeing and performance. However, in order to become one of the world’s leading business thinkers, he first had to learn a lot about something else: health.

Rath was diagnosed with a rare disease called Von Hippel-Lindau, or VHL, at the age of 16. This meant his risk of developing tumors was much higher than that of the average person. He decided, despite his condition, to focus on what he could control in life.

He developed healthy habits that allowed him to improve his wellbeing. In Eat, Move, Sleep, Rath shares the tips he’s discovered and honed along the way so you can implement them and improve your health as well.

Favorite quote

Every hour you spend on your rear end saps your energy and ruins your health.

- Tom Rath

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