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Eat & Run

Scott Jurek, Steve Friedman

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Ultramarathon legend Scott Jurek provides insights into how to train effectively, properly nourish your body, and achieve sporting greatness.


Eat & Run

Eat & Run

by Scott Jurek


Scott Jurek is one of America's greatest ultramarathon runners; his professional career is littered with international accolades and victories. Jurek achieved greatness through a combination of resilience, dedication, and a tailored nutrition program.

At his peak, Jurek was one of the most dominant ultramarathon runners in the world, winning some of the most challenging races ever run. Published in 2012 after Jurek took some time to reflect on his career, Eat & Run is part biography and part training manual.

With insights into Jurek's most noteworthy races and life moments, the book details the highs and lows of an endurance athlete. Jurek and co-writer Steve Friedman include nutrient-rich plant-based recipes and champion the benefits of veganism for elite athletes — one of Jurek's core philosophies.

Favorite quote

Regular running is satisfying in itself. If you're the competitive type, even greater satisfaction lies in running faster and longer, in challenging yourself.

- Scott Jurek and Steve Friedman

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