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Drug Use for Grown Ups

Dr. Carl L. Hart

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This book uncovers the mysteries surrounding drugs such as opioid, heroin, and amphetamine, along with the baseless biases among scientists, drug-control agencies, and the public about recreational drug use.


Drug Use for Grown Ups

Drug Use for Grown Ups

by Dr. Carl L. Hart


We all remember it from school and when we were young: the warnings that all drugs are dangerous and could make you go nuts While we were allowed to drink occasionally for recreational purposes, we were taught that drugs must be avoided, as they'll start to damage our brains the very first time we used them.

Carl Hart, a neuroscientist currently teaching at Columbia University, is here to challenge all the myths you've ever been taught about drug use. In Drug Use for Grown Ups, Hart debunks the scientific and social bias against recreational drugs.

Hart's research mostly revolves around drug addiction and drug abuse. He also highlights his personal experience with the decision makers in the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and with drug addicts he's interviewed in rehab facilities. Hart's central argument is that responsible drug use is as safe as responsible alcohol use; therefore, the right to use drugs must be protected.

Favorite quote

I do smoke, but I don't go through all this trouble just because I want to make my drug of choice legal. It's about personal freedom.

- Bob Marley

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