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Drawing with Illustrator: Vector Graphics

Stewart Scott-Curran

5 mins

3 key insights

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Drawing with Illustrator: Vector Graphics is an introduction to Adobe Illustrator, focusing mainly on the basic and simple illustration tools that have a wide application in the world of design.


Drawing with Illustrator: Vector Graphics

Drawing with Illustrator: Vector Graphics

by Stewart Scott-Curran


You probably know that Artificial Intelligence is quickly replacing humans in a variety of workplaces. But there's one thing that likely can't be automated — human creativity. The development of technology and the internet has opened up a lot of new jobs for creative people, many of them in the visual design field.

A lot of us love to draw and be creative but stay away from design software because it's too complex. But Stewart Scott-Curran, one of the world's top industrial designers, is here to dispel this myth. Having worked with the likes of Nike and designed team jerseys for the 2010 South Africa football World Cup, Scott-Curran wants to help you enter the colorful world of visual design.

Drawing with Illustrator: Vector Graphics is a course for anyone who wants to learn the basics of Adobe's popular design program, so you can get to work.

Favorite quote

Where is the concept for illustration coming from? How do we interpret that and how are we trying to build in some elements and some imagery that is visually distinctive and asks the viewers some questions?

- Stewart Scott-Curran

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