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Doubt: a History

Jennifer Michael Hecht

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Doubt: A History takes a fascinating look at the historical influence of doubt on science, religion, and the way we think today.


Doubt: a History

Doubt: a History

by Jennifer Michael Hecht


Confucious, Socrates, and Einstein were all great thinkers. Their legacy still impacts our world today. But there's a lesser-known tendency these geniuses shared: the importance of doubt.

It may not seem obvious to you, but disbelief has had a critical role throughout history. It's led to new religions and ideas by challenging firm authorities. Doubt has also given us scientific innovations that we wouldn't have otherwise.

Unfortunately, we don't often hear about skepticism. It's historically been swept under the rug. Society's leaders often see doubt as a threat to their authority and positions. Jennifer Hect's Doubt: A History unravels new ideas about the importance of questioning everything. Let's take a deep dive into the world of philosophy and rebellion, shall we?

Favorite quote

Expect change. Accept death. Enjoy life. As Marcus Aurelius explained, the brains that got you through the troubles you have had so far will get you through any troubles yet to come.

- Jennifer Hect

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