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Doesn't Hurt to Ask

Trey Gowdy

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In Doesn't Hurt to Ask, former federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy teaches us how to ask the right questions, both inside and outside of a court of law.


Doesn't Hurt to Ask

Doesn't Hurt to Ask

by Trey Gowdy


Effective communication is key in all areas of life, but none more so than in a court of law. TV news personality and former U.S. Representative Harold Watson Gowdy III, more commonly known as Trey Gowdy, has nearly two decades of experience in the U.S. criminal justice system. As a federal prosecutor, Gowdy worked on cases relating to bank robbery, kidnapping, murder, and narcotics trafficking.

In his book Doesn't Hurt to Ask, Gowdy utilizes his personal experiences to teach readers how to become more effective communicators. The former prosecutor sheds light on specific conversational techniques that can be used to efficiently achieve your objective. Whether it's in front of a jury or talking to a family member, Gowdy helps us to navigate the world of persuasion.

Favorite quote

Persuasion is not about winning arguments – it's about effectively and efficiently advocating for what you believe to be true … Persuasion is subtle, incremental, and deliberate. It has the potential to be life changing.

- Trey Gowdy

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