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Disrupting Yourself

Whitney Johnson

5 mins

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This course teaches you to become a constructive self-disruptor by embracing different perspectives and constantly being on the lookout for ways to improve your thinking.


Disrupting Yourself

Disrupting Yourself

by Whitney Johnson


Disruptive innovation is quite rare these days, but nevertheless it remains just as important. History is full of examples of high-end companies ignoring emerging competitors and business models until it's too late.

Whitney Johnson is a Consultant and Thought Leader in the field of innovation, teaching students all around the world how to systematically improve their innovative projects. Johnson worked her way up the ranks of the world of Wall Street, becoming an expert accounting and finance analyst before teaming up with Harvard's Clayton Christensen to start an investment firm. It was Christensen who came up with the concept of 'disruptive innovation' after analyzing a number of companies that owe their success to revolutionary ideas and free thinking.

In a world that develops so quickly and unpredictably, learning about innovation and disruption is a necessary tool for success. Only the most innovative, revolutionary ideas will succeed in a world where competition only becomes stronger and stronger.

Favorite quote

As you begin to disrupt yourself, I want you to think about taking the right risks. People don't buy products, they hire them to fill needs. Disruptors look for needs not being met, and then try something new rather than competing against established curves of learning.

- Whitney Johnson

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