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Digital Networking Strategies

Chris Taylor

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Building a professional network online is a key component of career development and landing a new job. In Digital Networking Strategies, Christopher Taylor shares the best strategies for connecting online with decision-makers in any industry.


Digital Networking Strategies

Digital Networking Strategies

by Chris Taylor


Landing a new job or moving to a new company is much easier when you have an extensive professional network. Networking is awkward in nature - it involves a lot of schmoozing, selling your story to complete strangers, and, of course, meeting lots of new people. If you're someone that these skills don't come naturally to, this can feel really daunting. Networking is one of those high-stress, high-reward conditions - and better still, digital networking provides the opportunity to meet just about anyone.

Here, Christopher Taylor, a former headhunter, career consultant, and author, provides his best-kept secrets for mastering this elusive skill, and how to genuinely enjoy it too. This course focuses on the most effective digital networking techniques that will enable you to meet hiring managers and headhunters. This way, you can tap into people who can help your career grow, from influencers to key decision-makers.

Favorite quote

We all know the feeling of a pounding heartbeat and sweaty palms when approaching someone new, especially when you know you have a lot riding on that conversation. But getting past your fears is the breakthrough your career needs.

- Christopher Taylor

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