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Digital Body Language

Erica Dhawan

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Digital Body Language is a playbook on how we can effectively communicate and apply emotional intelligence in the virtual world.


Digital Body Language

Digital Body Language

by Erica Dhawan


In a world where communication is digital, a simple 'okay' can be hard to understand. It's difficult to know when one is actually being serious, joking about, bored, or even fuming through a text message or email.

Fortunately, Erica Dhawan is the right person to tear down the firewall and break down the complex art that is digital body language. An award-winning author and keynote speaker, Dhawan is also the Founder and CEO of Cotential, an organization that helps companies leverage collaboration skills to improve performance.

In this book, Dhawan uses powerful stories and real-life illustrations to show us the ins and outs of digital communication. Digital Body Language shows what can go wrong in digital communication, and masterfully teaches us better ways to effectively communicate and connect both inside and outside the workplace.

Favorite quote

When someone else's communication style falls outside what we're used to... we often pass negative judgement on them.

- Erica Dhawan

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