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Designing Your Career

Bill Burnett, John Armstrong, Stanford University

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Designing Your Career, a course from Stanford University, uses design thinking to help working professionals plan or change their careers.


Designing Your Career

Designing Your Career

by Bill Burnett


Have you ever been stuck in a career rut? At some point or another, most of us have found ourselves wishing we could revamp our vocation, but we're unsure how to start. Thankfully, changing the trajectory of your career can be much simpler than it feels.

Bill Burnett is the executive director of the undergraduate and graduate design programs at Stanford University and has several professional pursuits, including working as an advisor for multiple internet startups. John Armstrong is a lecturer and fellow in the Life Design Lab at Stanford, where he teaches several courses including 'Designing Your Life' and 'Designing the Professional.'

Designing Your Career, an edX course from Stanford University, explores several simple ways that professionals can shift the direction of their careers.

Favorite quote

The point isn't to 'do' networking; the goal is to become part of the network. And someday you'll help someone, too!

- Bill Burnett and John Armstrong

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