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Delivering Bad News to a Customer

Myra Golden

5 mins

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Communication expert Myra Golden teaches the art of relationship building, communicating in business, and how to become a better bearer of bad news.


Delivering Bad News to a Customer

Delivering Bad News to a Customer

by Myra Golden


In a perfect world, we'd only have happy customers and satisfactory sales experiences. Unfortunately, that's not quite how the world works. Sometimes we hit speed bumps, and we're the ones that have to break the bad news to our clients or customers.

Learning how to handle unhappy customers and communicate why certain services cannot be provided is key to building customer trust, a critical component of a successful business structure.

Using psychology and communication tactics from coach Myra Golden, this course teaches how to become an expert at handling conflict and breaking down any situation for your customers.

Favorite quote

My definition of assertive is to say what you mean, mean what you say, and don't be mean when you say it.

- Myra Golden

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