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Delivering an Authentic Elevator Pitch

Tatiana Kolovou

5 mins

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This course shares how to make a good first impression by building trust through verbal and nonverbal communication.


Delivering an Authentic Elevator Pitch

Delivering an Authentic Elevator Pitch

by Tatiana Kolovou


First impressions are crucial — and very difficult to change later. People form first impressions in the first few seconds after meeting someone, deciding immediately whether they like you or not. Knowing that our job interviews, presentations, or any other important events are dependent on just a few seconds, we all know that the impression we give has to be impeccable.

Tatiana Kolovou is a senior lecturer in business communication at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, an executive communication coach, and a long-time LinkedIn Learning author. In this course, Kolovou sums up ways to elevate your pitch through both verbal and nonverbal communication.

From the first impression, people decide if they can trust you and if you're the kind of person that gets things done. If you can learn how to manage your warmth and competence, you can positively influence how people perceive you.

Favorite quote

Having a theme to your introduction is always helpful, that thing that you want people to walk away knowing about you.

- Tatiana Kolovou

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