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Christian Rudder

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'Dataclysm' gives powerful motivation for being more honest online, by using information collected from the internet to identify what all of us are really like under the veil of anonymity and how we as a society have been influenced by a constant use of social media.




by Christian Rudder


If you've ever skimmed through a YouTube comments section, or just about any Reddit thread, you know how awful people can be online. After all, what's the harm in saying something hurtful if you can hide behind a username?

It's easy to look at our accounts in online spaces and think that there are no consequences for our actions - especially when we can erase browser history, and encrypt our devices. But every time you comment or share, the company that owns the platform you're on can use that data to their own liking.

In Dataclysm, Christian Rudder breaks down the inner workings of social media and their users' psychology, so you can find out how to make the most out of the time you spend on these platforms. Learn how you can use Twitter to become a more efficient writer, how you can use your followers to develop a business idea and why accountability matters even when you're anonymous. Let's jump in!

Favorite quote

We are living through writing's Cambrian explosion, not its mass extinction.

- Christian Rudder

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