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Data-Driven Decision Making

Alex Mannella

5 mins

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Knowing how to convey data clearly and accurately is a key skill. In this course, industry professionals teach the value of an analysis-based approach in making business decisions.


Data-Driven Decision Making

Data-Driven Decision Making

by Alex Mannella


The amount of data in the digital universe doubles every two years. Even thinking about this can be overwhelming – just think of all of the tweets, memes, articles, and videos you're exposed to on a daily basis. Making sense of all of this information can be a daunting task, but data and analytic skills enable organizations to use these stray kernels to make informed decisions.

Just as the amount of data we're faced with has grown, so too has the importance of the role data plays in making business decisions. After all, the global marketplace will be facing some daunting challenges in the years to come. Accelerating population growth and climate change alone will send the demand for natural resources soaring, to name one example. Data and analytics tools will play a huge role in driving the insights that businesses use to make decisions.

In this Coursera course, professionals from the PricewaterhouseCoopers (or PwC) information and analytics practice provide an introduction to basic skills in data analysis. In learning how to visualize and communicate what data tells us, we can not only get better at crystallizing key insights with simplicity and clarity, but also at solving all kinds of issues that arise every day in the business world.

Favorite quote

Organizations have collected and analyzed data for decades. But the role of data and analytics and the skills required to make the most of them have become progressively more important.

- Mike Fenlon, global talent leader, PwC

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