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Cryptography and Digital Certificates

Coventry University

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This course from Coventry University explains how cryptography is used to ensure the security of personal, corporate, and government devices.


Cryptography and Digital Certificates

Cryptography and Digital Certificates

by Coventry University


How difficult is it for hackers to get into our devices or disrupt a government's digital infrastructure?

Cryptography and Digital Certificates is the fourth course in Coventry University’s Digital Security Training: Cyber Threats and Risk Management ExpertTrack. Ethical hacking and network security expert Derrick Newton and Dr. James Shuttleworth, Principal Lecturer in cyber security, explain how computers offer us a limited level of secrecy, and how hackers find ways to exploit emerging vulnerabilities.

By learning about the extensive cryptography in cyber security, anyone can learn how to better protect their devices from cyber intrusions, as well as gain an appreciation for secure computer systems.

Favorite quote

Hackers look for every possible means to break cryptosystems and get access to plaintext from data for their personal gain. In order to gain this data, they need access to the secret key that will enable them to decrypt the coded data.

- Derrick Newton and Dr. James Shuttleworth

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