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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology Explained

University of Michigan, Andrew Wu

5 mins

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This course explores the crypto boom of recent years, from the blockchain innovations that birthed the new currencies to the challenges of using them as a payment system and the more successful application of crypto as an investable asset class.


Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology Explained

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology Explained

by University of Michigan


Cryptocurrencies have exploded in the last decade, but many people do not realize how far the innovation has evolved, and strayed, from its original vision. In this course, Andrew Wu, professor of technology, operations, and finance at the University of Michigan, takes us through the evolution of cryptocurrencies.

Starting with the revolutionary concepts and goals that cemented cryptocurrencies, Wu guides us through the history and basis of the blockchain. Once the fundamentals of the technology are covered, we move on to challenges cryptocurrencies face in trying to replace government-issued fiat currencies like the dollar. Lastly, we delve into the newer application of crypto as an asset class, uncovering why it is both an incredibly profitable and risky option for investors.

Favorite quote

Despite the technical limitations, which prevented Bitcoin from being a mainstream payment system as intended, we noticed its potential as a form of digital gold. The market has since then exploded, with over 5,000 cryptocurrencies being traded 24/7 on exchanges across the world.

- Andrew Wu

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