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Critical Thinking at University

University of Leeds

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This FutureLearn course from the University of Leeds discusses how critical thinking helps you develop an analytical and rational approach to your studies.


Critical Thinking at University

Critical Thinking at University

by University of Leeds


Before packing your bags for university, you should be preparing yourself for the advanced level of education you are about to enjoy.

Thanks to Critical Thinking at University, a course from learning advisors at the University of Leeds, you will be all set for the big transition. The University of Leeds is one of the UK's largest public research universities and was established in 1874.

In this course, led by learning advisors Michelle Schneider and Jiani Liu, you will learn to apply critical thinking strategies to broaden your understanding of any subject, assess sources of information, and evaluate the value of research. No matter what you're studying, if you know how to think critically, you will hit the ground running.

Favorite quote

Critical thinking means not accepting everything we read, see, and hear as an indisputable fact.

- Michelle Schneider, Learning Developer, University of Leeds

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