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Creativity for All Weekly

Julian Velard, Stefan Mumaw, Amy Wynne, Jim Krause, Ben Long, Denise Jacobs

5 mins

3 key insights

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Creativity isn't a gift granted to a select few — everyone can awaken their dormant creative powers. Kick start your process with these carefully curated tips and tricks.


Creativity for All Weekly

Creativity for All Weekly

by Julian Velard


Creativity is not a skill that you are or aren't born with. The truth is, we are all creatives. If the idea of sitting down for a bit of writing or drawing – for fun – sends shivers down your spine, then your own pool of creativity simply needs awakening, nurturing, and training.

As professional musicians, writers, designers, painters, and photographers, the authors of this course – James Krause, Julian Velard, Ben Long, Amy Wynne, Stefan Mumaw, Denis Jacobs – know a thing or two about the creative process.

When we can better tap into our creativity, it can be a life-changing skill. Learn to recognize and acknowledge your natural creative impulses with the exercises in this Creativity Tips for All course, as well as taking a look at the creative process of the instructors.

Favorite quote

There's a beauty to doing and saying things that don't make conventional sense. The surprise of nonsense can break up the rhythm of our everyday lives and pull us into the present.

- Julian Valerd

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