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Creative ThinkingBy Drew Boyd

In a Nutshell

Channel your inner creativity as expert Drew Boyd shares his expertise on writer's block, utilizing set patterns, and harnessing the brain power of others through teamwork.

Favorite quote

Once we see failure as something that is survivable, as something that helps us grow and improves our work, we can release this fear and move valiantly ahead.

Drew Boyd


Despite what you may believe, creativity is not an intrinsic trait. It's not something that you are or aren't born with. Author Drew Boyd believes that no matter who you are or what your experience level, you can learn how to be creative. All it takes is identifying what's holding you back, and applying some patterns to your way of thinking.

A global leader in the field of innovation and creativity, Drew Boyd is also an international public speaker, an award-winning author, and a renowned university professor. Boyd has dedicated his career to teaching teams, businesses, and governments how to solve problems through innovation.

In this course, we will be diving deeper into the subject of creative and innovation, as Boyd takes us through the step-by-step process of creative thinking. He also shares practical strategies on how to discern and address our creativity barriers, adapt fundamental patterns to boost creativity, and generate innovative ideas through teamwork and brainstorming.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    It’s not boundaries that hold us back from being creative, but fixedness
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