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Creative Confidence

Tom Kelley, David Kelley

5 mins

3 key insights

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Creative Confidence helps break the mundanity of everyday work and life, by exploring the power of creativity and innovation, so you can finally let yourself be the artist you've always dreamt of being - while reaching your goals.


Creative Confidence

Creative Confidence

by Tom Kelley


Did you ever doodle in class? Doodling is often thought of as a sign of 'wasting time' or being out of focus. Even though we had an art class in elementary school, we still felt like we weren't productive unless we were working on subjects like math, reading, or science.

Although we enjoyed these subjects, we now wish we would have taken more time to explore our creative side. What used to be seen as a liability is now a valuable asset to many companies. If you've got a creative side, you're more attractive to potential employers.

Creative Confidence not only helps you see why innovation and creativity matter now more than ever but also gives you the strength to fearlessly explore your artistic side.

Favorite quote

Failure sucks, but instructs.

- Tom Kelley and David Kelley

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