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Creating Your Personal Brand

Lida Citroën

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Learn how to create a reputable brand by being deliberate about your legacy and reputation with this course from branding expert Lida Citroen.


Creating Your Personal Brand

Creating Your Personal Brand

by Lida Citroën


Today, it's not enough for people to have heard of you or your business - you need to make sure that what they've heard is positive. How can you make sure your brand earns the respect it deserves?

In this course Lida Citroen offers the most effective ways to create your personal brand. As a personal branding expert for over 20 years, Citroen has helped people including top executives, corporate teams, and business leaders to develop personal brands that continue to thrive. With understandable strategies that offer practical steps, Citroen not only teaches you how you can create a personal brand that works for your daily activities, but also how you can sustain this branding across your social media platforms. Building the right personal brand will improve your credibility among the competition.

Favorite quote

Personal branding is about the way you're perceived by others. It doesn't always matter what you think it matters what your audience perceives. So there's a lot of judgment in personal branding

- Lida Citroen

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