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Creating Habits That StickBy Catrinel Girbovan

In a Nutshell

Self-development skills and behavioral science converge in this course, helping us better understand our neurobiology to set lasting habits for achieving our goals.

Favorite quote

Research found that skipping one day did not significantly affect the success of picking up that habit, so get back to it and don't beat yourself up. Consistency is key, even in the face of a minor setback.


Many people would like to set healthier habits but find it hard to stick to their plans.

With New Year's resolutions, many take on too much too quickly or quit habits by going cold turkey and fail to make the new behavior habitual. If this sounds familiar, this course may be what you need.

Catrinel Girbovan is a performance and process improvement consultant with a Ph.D. in experimental psychology.

In this course, Girbovan teaches how to break down habits into smaller, more reachable goals to reinforce a new behavior.

The way we organize our routines and thoughts can significantly impact our health and cognitive measures, like blood pressure, stress and anxiety, memory, and even our immune system.

By setting up nudges that trigger our desired behavior, we can design our schedules to make the most of our time and effort.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Scientific understanding of habit formation can help us hack our behavior
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