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Creating Dedicated Landing Pages

Ryan Engley

5 mins

3 key insights

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This course deconstructs the individual components of a landing page and clearly demonstrates how, when used in unison, they can draw potential customers into sales funnels.


Creating Dedicated Landing Pages

Creating Dedicated Landing Pages

by Ryan Engley


Are you struggling to get enough customers off of Facebook or Instagram and into your online store? Even when they get onto your site, how many purchase your product or course? In a world of diminishing attention spans, it's important to grab and retain a prospective customer's attention with landing pages.

Ryan Engley is a Skillshare tutor and the head of product marketing at Unbounce. This makes him well-placed to dispense invaluable advice on increasing ecommerce sales conversions with effective landing pages. In this course, Engley provides a blueprint for placing hot leads at the top of a sales funnel.

Favorite quote

Think about your sales funnel as a leaky bucket ... landing pages are one of the key ways you can plug some of the holes.

- Ryan Engley

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