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Andrea Arnold

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Oscar-winning director Andrea Arnold highlights the harsh realities of the British dairy industry in this immersive documentary about the daily life of a cow called Luma.




by Andrea Arnold


In recent years, many have become aware of the horrors of the meat industry. But while the life of a dairy cow may seem preferable to being slaughtered for beef, it's still no picnic.

BAFTA and Oscar winner Andrea Arnold is an English director and actor known for films like American Honey and Fish Tank. In this documentary debut, Arnold follows the daily life of a calf called Luma through trials such as being separated from her mother after birth, hormone injections, and daily milking by machines. Filmed from Luma's perspective, Cow is a largely wordless experience that urges empathy and reflection.

Favorite quote

I'm not sure any farm animal really feels seen. And I wondered what that meant in terms of her existence.

- Andrea Arnold

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