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Cost-Effective Creative Shoots

Lindsay Adler

5 mins

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Learn how to take stunning photos without breaking the bank as fashion photographer Lindsay Adler shares practical tips and tricks for creative, cost-effective shoots.


Cost-Effective Creative Shoots

Cost-Effective Creative Shoots

by Lindsay Adler


When you picture fashion photoshoots, you probably think of something quite extravagant. Creative photoshoots require professional camera setups, LED lights, and visual props to enhance the concept. Conducting a creative shoot can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be.

Lindsay Adler is a fashion photographer based in New York City. Her work has appeared in numerous fashion and photography publications, including Marie Claire, Elle, and InStyle.

In this course, Adler takes us through the process of conducting a cost-effective creative shoot, sharing tips and tricks for fostering your creativity, improvising visual props out of ordinary objects, and manipulating lighting effects to set the mood.

Favorite quote

When it comes to photography, simple and clean is what captures people's attention.

- Lindsay Adler

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