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Cork Dork

Bianca Bosker

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Cork Dork is an enthralling glimpse into the elite world of sommeliers and competitive wine tasting.


Cork Dork

Cork Dork

by Bianca Bosker


Most of us have heard someone gushing over a glass of wine – taking a deep inhale and rattling off a list of adjectives to describe its qualities. But how do they know what they're talking about?

When tech journalist Bianca Bosker asked herself the same question, what began as a professional interest in wine tasting competitions quickly became a life-changing obsession. She quit her reporting job to immerse herself in the world of New York's wine professionals – and became one herself.

Part memoir, part behind-the-scenes peek, Cork Dork is Bosker's highly entertaining look at the oversized, eccentric personalities of New York City sommeliers, competitive wine events, and the inner workings of this multibillion-dollar industry.

Favorite quote

I'd been driven by a desire to understand what made cork dorks tick, what came with a more sensory-aware existence, what it was that made wine so endlessly fascinating, and which aspects of the bullshit-prone industry were meaningful.

- Bianca Bosker

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