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Conscious Creativity

Dorota Stanczyk

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Conscious Creativity is a 22-day course in which transformational artist and creative director Dorota Stańczyk shares strategies for tapping into your creative potential, and using creativity to live a happier and more engaged life.


Conscious Creativity

Conscious Creativity

by Dorota Stanczyk


Dorota Stańczyk is a transformational artist, creative director, keynote speaker, and writer. Her goal is to push the boundaries of her creative expression in photography, fashion design, filmmaking, painting, sculpture, and other artforms. Stańczyk draws on research in neuroscience, consciousness, spirituality, and artistic expression to develop methods of creativity training that empower us to lead a rewarding and engaged life.

Although formal education teaches us how to consume and digest others' knowledge, it neglects to teach us how to express and share the wisdom within ourselves. Creativity provides a mechanism and language for the expression of that wisdom. Learning to cultivate creativity requires us to look within, to find peace and a deeper understanding of the world.

In this course, Stańczyk explores the science of creativity and brain function in the process of creation, providing tools for creative problem solving, rewiring your brain, and reinventing yourself. Stańczyk's scientifically proven methodologies are designed to help us shed the identities we've been assigned by others, and the preconceptions we hold about ourselves.

Favorite quote

When you can experience yourself, you can express yourself. When you can express yourself, you can be creative. Therefore, creativity is nothing else but a capacity to give a form to our emotions and our ideas.

- Dorota Stańczyk

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