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Conducting Smart User ResearchBy Janelle Estes

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Led by the Chief Insights Officer at UserTesting, this course unravels insightful techniques for business owners to broaden their understanding of user experience for their product or service.

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When you think of user experience, really, it boils down to how people feel when they actually use something, and that something could be a product, it could be a website, it could be an app.

Janelle Estes


Grasping the basics of user experience is key to creating an original, successful product. But this understanding isn't necessarily intuitive.

Observing the interactions users have with your product can help you assess their perceptions, needs, and goals. This can be used as fuel to grow your product development strategy.

Janelle Estes is an expert research practitioner and the Chief Insights Officer at UserTesting, a user testing-oriented analytics platform.

Estes' Skillshare course Conducting Smart User Research takes a deep dive into innovative research goals and methods.

With the right methods, the insights acquired through user research may spur you to grow closer to your customers, envision new opportunities, and prioritize the optimization of your products.

With a deeper understanding of user feedback's inner workings, you can regain control of your business decisions and effectively penetrate your target market.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Focus on people’s actions, not on their words
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