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Concentration and Focus: the Principles of Deep Work

Nathan Robertson

5 mins

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In this course, Nathan Robertson delivers an actionable guide to the principal aspects of discipline and the benefits of being successfully productive by sustaining concentrated levels of activity.


Concentration and Focus: the Principles of Deep Work

Concentration and Focus: the Principles of Deep Work

by Nathan Robertson


Multitasking may seem like the obvious solution to remaining a valuable member of your team in a fast-paced work environment. But perpetual task-switching can actually negate your personal productivity. Fortunately, there is a better way.

This course from blogger and startup director Nathan Robertson draws on the attention management principles of professor Cal Newport to transform habits into meaningful productivity. By mastering the four essential aspects of discipline discovered by Clayton Christensen, these key concentration and focus principles override the urge to multitask, instead teaching you to integrate deep and sustained work into your daily routine.

Favorite quote

Everybody wants to be more productive but we seem to have a hard time concentrating. We don't need more time to work, we need to change how we work.

- Nathan Robertson

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