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Communication within Teams

Daisy Lovelace

5 mins

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In Communication Within Teams, Daisy Lovelace explains that many teams fail due to poor communication and shows how all teams can benefit from improving it.


Communication within Teams

Communication within Teams

by Daisy Lovelace


Many of us spend more time with our colleagues than with our friends or families. So how do we ensure that those relationships are healthy and productive ones?

Daisy Lovelace is a business school professor and corporate consultant. In this course, Lovelace shows how effective methods of communication can enable understanding and purpose throughout the team, thereby improving performance. Using specific tools and models such as team charters, we can systematically work to ensure that work communication is as efficient and effective as possible.

Favorite quote

Whether you're leading a task force, committee, or panel, we often find ourselves working in teams with other people and communication is key in developing and maintaining healthy work relationships.

- Daisy Lovelace

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