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Communication Tips

Brenda Bailey-Hughes, Tatiana Kolovou

5 mins

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This course will help you improve all aspects of your communication - empathy, rapport, constructive criticism, preparing for interviews, and much more.


Communication Tips

Communication Tips

by Brenda Bailey-Hughes


Whether you are a computer scientist, sales representative, or project manager, you'll need to learn how to communicate effectively. But as communication is an extremely complex phenomenon, there are many ways for the communication process to deteriorate and lose its basic purpose - understanding others.

Brenda Bailey-Huges and Tatiana Kolovou are both senior lecturers at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and co-founders of Team Performance, a training and consulting company that helped numerous Fortune 500 companies and their executives. The pair specializes in human resources organizational development consulting, cross-cultural communication, resilience building, and change communication.

This course will help you learn about different ways people communicate, work on your weaknesses, and simply become a better communicator.

Favorite quote

The most important step is to ask your colleagues what kind of working environment and meeting settings help them work best, and share your own needs as well.

- Brenda Bailey Hughes and Tatiana Kolovou

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